About Arielle

My name is Arielle and I’m a 22-year-old writer and journalist living in London. I actually have a lot of good things going on in my life, but I still manage to moan incessantly.

Originally from suburban Ealing (yes, even the suburbs have their own suburbs), I now live in a high-rise new build near Canary Wharf with my boyfriend of eight years, Laurie. He is a tech wiz working in investment banking, goes to the gym a lot and thinks he’s the shit, but in reality he won’t eat vegetables like a child and cries listening to Hans Zimmer soundtracks.

I have five sisters – one is 13 and already has impeccable eyebrow game, two are twins, three are vegan and all are incredibly irritating. As a clan, we are often compared to the family in Fiddler on the Roof due to the obvious Jewishness, and are occasionally branded a less attractive, less wealthy Kardashian family. We all inherited thick curly hair from our typical Jewish mother, and frustrating stubbornness from our Israeli father.

After getting a first-class History degree from the most basic university in the world (Exeter), I then gained a gold standard NCTJ Diploma in Journalism because I’m such a nerd (you should see how many revision cards I made. Shocking). Since then, I have been working at Hearst magazines, and am currently a staff writer on Red, Good Housekeeping and Prima. I love my job because I get to interview interesting and inspiring people, I learn so much every day and there is quite often free chocolate and cake on the freebie table.

My hobbies including eating carby and/or sugary foods, collecting beauty products I absolutely do not need, binging on TV series and drinking cheap rosé with my gal pals.

I like to think I’m an individual when I’m kinda basic, I pretend I’m grown-up but I’m really still a child, and I try to be fashionable and on-trend but I’m actually very uncool. In this sense, I sorta am millennial pink.

Typography by Francesca Tiley