Glossi-eh? A teeny tiny review

For a blog called millennial pink, it seemed only fitting and right that one of my first posts should be about Glossier.

Working on a women’s magazine, I heard ravings and whisperings about the cult American brand, founded by The Hills star Emily Weiss, some time ago. Everyone seemed to be obsessed with their millennial pink packaging (duh), pared-back skin before makeup approach, and I was dying to get in on the action. Naturally, I was experiencing beauty FOMO.

When Glossier released in the U.K., it was two whole weeks until payday (ie, I was broke as a mofo) so I had to limit myself to only two purchases. After HOURS of internal turmoil, a whole night of tossing and turning, stalking Instagram beauty bloggers and consulting with everyone I knew who owned anything Glossier, I decided to buy the Birthday BalmDotCom, their classic lip balm but with a hint of glitter, and the Cloud Paint, their liquid blush, in the nudey-pink shade ‘dusk’. I felt that these were the most different to anything else I had in my collection, even though the Boy Brow and Wowder were very, very tempting.

Just a couple of days later, the pink box of dreams arrived at my work and I couldn’t WAIT to get glossiered. All their products come in adorable pink bubble-wrapped pouches (I’m actually going to keep mine) and with a sheet of stickers – seriously, could you get any more millennial?

My purchase also happened to be one of the first (I later realised) to come with a sample of their upcoming fragrance, called Glossier You.

Here’s what I thought.


I’m a sucker for packaging, and I absolutely love the glitter on the tube. It makes it feel super fun and a lot more special than your regular lip salve. Using the actual tube isn’t my favourite, though, as it’s one of those where you have to squeeze it out onto your finger in order to apply it. I personally prefer lip balms you can apply directly to your lips, as it’s less fuss and more hygienic, so I really hope they come out with a version like that. Because besides that, the product is really lovely. It smells and tastes like birthday cake (obvs) and the specks of glitter are so, so tiny, it almost just makes your lips look like they’re naturally slightly plumper and shinier. It makes my lips feel really hydrated for the first half an hour or so after applying, but I have to admit I didn’t feel it lasting much longer than that. I do think maybe the gimmick element of the birthday cake flavour is what I enjoy so much, and actually by Maybelline Baby Lips works slightly better on the moisturising front, and that’s quite considerably cheaper.


I’d never really been a fan of liquid or cream blushes, but everyone had been raving about this one so much that I needed to see what the fuss was about. And the absence of anything similar in my collection meant I had a gap, which clearly needed to be filled. I picked ‘dusk’ because it seemed the most wearable shade; a slightly nudey pink, in a similar tone to the blush colours I usually wear. When it arrived, I was really taken aback by the size. It’s teeny tiny!! I think I pictured it to be the size of a toothpaste, so I was slightly disappointed that it was even smaller than the balm. I guessed this must be because you don’t actually need that much product.

Once I got over the size of the thing (it took me a while), I decided to try it on my actual face. I squeezed it out on the back of my hand – it’s actually quite difficult to apply the right amount of pressure to get what you want out, often there’s way too much, although I do feel like I’m getting the hang of it now. I then use a stippling brush to blend it onto my cheeks – I generally think this is the best way to apply cream bronzer and blush. It blends really smoothly and beautifully for a liquid product, although I do always feel like you have slightly more control with powders. I guess I’m just more comfortable using them, so this will take some more getting used to. The colour itself is really gorgeous, just the kind of shade I love to wear and think works well with any look. I usually dislike liquid products because of their staying power, but this actually stayed surprisingly well, even without setting it with another blusher. So all in all, pretty nice, although I still think my MAC Melba will remain my go-to blush for the time being.


Guys, I have to say, the sample was the star of the show. I can’t tell you what it smelt like because I’m rubbish with scents, but I can tell you it was musky and floral, sexy and feminine, all at the same time – which is exactly what I’m into. The sample size is absolutely tiny; I genuinely think I’ll be finished in the next couple of weeks. But I can’t WAIT for the full size to come out, I’ll be first in line.

So, in conclusion…

The products were pretty good, but I have to say I wasn’t blown away as much as I thought I’d be; I wasn’t instantly obsessed with the items I picked. But I definitely like them enough to want to try more of the range, but it may have to wait until the next payday…


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